September 12, 2020

Things are a little different this year, but that's no reason to cut the corners. Dancers and their families (limited number) will put on a show for recital like every year...but this year, it will be outside!

We have worked very hard to provide a quality recital for all our students that worked so hard last year to showcase their amazing talents. The recitals will run like a normal recital would be run with some slight changes being we will be outdoors!  Dancers and their families have been provided details.

We want this to feel just like a normal recital and give the kids the very best.

1. Professional stage, lights, sound, DVD, and photos.
2. 50/50 raffle
3. Concessions
4. Flower Sale

We will be adhering to the state guidelines for social distancing. We have spoken with the fire Marshall, city attorney, police chief, and the community development to make sure that we are allowed to hold this event. We have been given the OK by all parties. Obviously things are subject to change due to whatever laws get put into place.

We are so excited about being able to do this for our students.

If you have questions please Contact Us.