General Rules

Studio Closings

Juliana’s will be closed for inclement weather in accordance with Lamphere School District. If we have to close the studio due to weather or building problems, we will publish it on our web site, Facebook, Instagram and send email notices as possible. Extreme weather and building problems, such as no electricity, are considered out of our control. We will cancel classes if we feel it would be dangerous to have parents bring their dancers to class or if we lose power. Our policy is that we do not reimburse for these missed classes.

It's not a fashion show

Dress Codes

Dance requires proper equipment in order to be successful. Proper attire allows instructors to view how the student uses their muscles and allows for specific corrections to be given. Due to safety concerns, correct dancewear and shoes must be worn in class or the student will not be able to participate. Please layer/un-layer your clothes for ballet classes, changing will be limited to 5 minutes between classes.

*If not in proper dress code, it is the teacher’s discretion to ask students to leave class.


What to wear

Dancewear Guidelines

Leotard, black or pink tights, skirt optional, hair in bun/pulled back

Ballet tights and form fitted shirt

Tight fitting crop tops, yoga style tops, yoga style pants/shorts, leotards, bike shorts, or capri pants.

Please, NO streetwear or baggy pants.

Hair in bun/pulled back.

Shoe List


Competition Teams

  • Pointe – Any Brand
  • Slippers – Any Brand Pink Split Sole – CANVAS
  • Petites – Any Brand Pink Spilt Sole or Full Sole – CANVAS
  • Teen Ballet Co – Pointe Shoe – any color (clean)
  • Junior Ballet Co – Capezio Hanami split sole – PINK
  • Elite Senior/Teen/PreTeen – Bloch Tap Flex or Tap Leo – BLACK
  • Elite Junior/Pre Jr – Bloch Tap Flex or Tap Leo – TAN
  • Select Senior/Teen & Junior – Bloch Tap Leo’s LS3009L – BLACK
  • Petites – Bloch Tap On (Mary Jane) – TAN
  • Bloch Pulse – TAN
  • Some will go barefoot
  • Elite, Elite Mini & All Select – TBD
  • Petites – TBD
  • Capezio Ultra Soft


  • Bloch or Capezio – leather full sole – PINK
  • Teen/Sr/Adult – Hanami split sole by Capezio or Bloch canvas Juliet – PINK
  • Bloch Tap On – TAN
  • Teen/Sr/Adult – Bloch Lace Up – BLACK
  • Bloch Pulse – TAN
  • Adult Jazz –Any brand jazz shoe – BLACK
  • Any tennis shoe – not a “street shoe” – until teacher decides on recital shoe
  • Ultra Soft Capezio 1915/1916 / caramel / black / pink
Shoe requirements are subject to change based upon teacher decisions after the season begins.