2018-2019 Season

Students from Juliana’s Academy of Dance earn awards in team competition,  in solo/duet competition and in convention classes.  Here are a few highlights from the 2018-2019 competition season.

Velocity MVA+ and MVA Pro!

Maddie Deck MVA(+), Hadley Koger MVA(+) and Annelise Ritacca (MVA Pro) will represent Juliana's Academy of Dance in the 2018-2019 Velocity MVA+ and MVA Pro program!

October 2018


Pace University Dance Intensive - New York, NY
Delaney Bezenah, Maddie Deck, Ava Dal Pra & Ashlee Phillips spent three days with Pace faculty and guest artists participating in leveled classes at the Dance Intensive.

November 2018


Tremaine - Dearborn, MI
Maddie Deck - 1st Place Open Senior Solo & Year-Long Season Scholarship

November 2018


Velocity - Orlando, FL
Marin Akkashian - Teen MVA Runner Up, THE SHOW, 9th Overall Teen Solo

December 2018

ASH - Cleveland, Ohio

Marin Akkashian - ASH Apprentice Scholarship & Judge’s Choice award, & closing show performer with Tap Solo and Hip Hop group number

December 2018

Velocity - Buffalo, New York

Senior MVA Runner-Up - Ashlee Phillips
Senior Tour Scholarship - Delaney Bezenah
Teen MVA - Mya Waple
Teen MVA Runner-Up - Kelly Quinn
Junior MVA Runner Up - Chloe Orr & Abby Watson
Junior Tour Scholarship - Sophia Kulish
Junior Tap University - Allie Williams

January 2019


NYCDA - Lansing, Michigan

Maddie Deck - Outstanding Dancer Runner-Up Experience

January 2019

Velocity - St. Louis, Missouri

 Ashlee Phillips: Senior MVA Runner-Up, THE SHOW, 6th Senior Solo, 1st in Lyrical
Kelly Quinn: Teen MVA Runner-Up, THE SHOW, 4th Teen Solo Overall, 1st in Tap
Madison Stabile: 1st in Musical Theater
Maddie Deck & Hadley Koger attended as MVA+

Nuvo Awards

January 2019

Mini Solos
6th overall - Darrius Bracey

Junior Solos
3rd overall - Abby Watson
8th overall - Chloe Orr
9th overall - Mercedes Bracey

Teen Solos
6th overall - Marin Akkashian

Mini Male BreakOut Artist WINNER
Darrius Bracey

Junior Female BreakOut Artist Runner-Up
Mercedes Bracey
Sophie Harp
Chloe Orr
Abby Watson

Teen Female BreakOut Artist Runner-Up
Marin Akkashian
Gretchen Sawicki
Mya Waple

Senior Female BreakOut Artist Runner-Up
Delaney Bezenah

StandOut in Jazz
Kendall Heldt

StandOut in Ballet
Chelsea Rosenberg


Mini Solos
1st overall: Lacie Mollahan

Junior Solos
1st Overall: Abby Watson
2nd Overall: Mara Feier
4th Overall: Chloe Orr

Teen Solos
4th Overall: Mya Waple
1st Overall TIE: Julia Mackey & Maddie Deck

Teen Duo/Trio
4th Overall: Marin Aakkasian & Madison Stabile

Senior Solos
5th Overall: Mia Rubenstein

Mini Small Group
2nd Overall: PYT

Mini Large Group
1st Overall: Home

Junior Small Group
1st Overall: O Children
2nd Overall: Goodbye
3rd Overall: End Of The World

Junior Large Group
1st Overall: I Believe
2nd Overall: Lullaby
4th Overall: Crazy

Junior Line
1st Overall: Jet Set
2nd Overall: Unspeakable Joy
2nd Overall: Goodbye
3rd Overall: Backing Down

Junior Highest Scoring Numbers by Genre
Jazz - Goodbye
Contemporary - O Children
Lyrical - I Believe
Tap - Electric Avenue

Technique Award Mini/Junior: Home

Teen Highest Scoring Number By Genre
Jazz - Fall In Line
Contemporary - You Say
Lyrical - Ashes
Hip Hop - You Ready

Technique Award Teen/Senior: You Say

Best Of Show Favorite: Ashes

Heartstopper Award: Ashes

Teen Small Groups
1st Overall: Ashes
3rd Overall: You Say
4th Overall: Shiver
5th Overall: Night Calling

Teen Large Groups
1st Overall: Fall In Line
2nd Overall: Change Gonna Come
3rd Overall: Glory

Teen Lines
1st Overall: The Bridge
2nd Overall: You Ready
3rd Overall: A Chorus Line

Teen Production
2nd Overall: Toy
4th Overall: Til It Happens To You
5th Overall: Invisible Diamonds

Regional City Crew
Mini: Darius Bracey, Makayla Knight
Junior: Meredith Coatta, Fiona Gross,
Teen: Maddie Deck, Madison Stabile, Marin Aakkashian,
Senior: Ashlee Phillips

Honored Dancer Nominees
Mini: Darius Bracey, Deacon Newcombe, Makayla Knight, Marlee Karwoski, Tessa Matenna
Junior: Abby Watson, Jackie Mackey, Sophie Harp
Teen: Jillian Puckett, Julia Mackey, Kelly Quinn, Mya Waple, Olivia Chandler
Senior: Mia Rubenstein

Teen Elite Honored Dancer
Maddie Deck

Junior Solo Overalls
4th place Junior Solo, Abby Watson
3rd place Junior Solo, Sophie Harp

Teen Solo Overalls
6th place Teen Solo, Olyvia Chandler
1st place Teen Solo, Gretchen Sawicki

Teen Duo/Trio Overalls
5th Never Letting Go
2nd Bills Bills Bills

Senior Solo Overalls
7th Mia Rubenstein
3rd Ashlee Phillips

Top Scoring Mini Number

Mini Small Group Overall
1st PYT

Mini Large Group Overall
2nd Hand Jive
1st Home

Junior Choreography Award
Mr. Mike for Backing Down

Junior Small Group Overall
10th Raise The Roof
8th Absolutely Final Goodbye
6th End of the World
5th O Children
4th Wind Beneath My Wings
2nd Electric Avenue

Junior Large Group Overall
8th Lullaby
4th I Believe
2nd Vegas

Junior Line Overall
3rd Unspeakable Joy
2nd Backing Down
1st Jet Set

Highest Scoring Teen Number
Fall in Line

Teen Small Group Overalls
5th You Say
4th Night Calling
3rd Shiver
1st Ashes

Teen Large Group Overalls
6th A Change is Gonna Come
4th The Bridge
1st Fall In Line

Teen Line Overalls
5th Say Yeah
2nd A Chorus Line

Teen Production Overalls
4th Invincible Diamonds
2nd Til it Happens to You
1st Toy

Mini MVA Male Winner: Darius Bracey
Teen MVA 1st Runner-Up: Olivia Chandler
Junior MVA Winner: Abby Watson

MVA Runner Up Winners
Mini: Scarlet Lavery, Kate Levasseur, Oliver Klink
Junior: Marlee Karwoski, Annabella P, Mara Feier, Chloe Orr, Fiona Gross, Ali Williams
Teen: Ava Dal Pra, Gretchen Sawicki, Madison Stabile, Jillian Puckett, Kelly Quinn, Marin Akkashian, Julia Mackey
Senior: Ashlee Phillips, Mia Rubenstein

Regional Scholarship winners: Deakon Newcombe, Nadia Weller
Tour Scholarships: Mercedes Bracey, Jessica Covian, Delaney Bezenah, Chelsea Rosenberg, Claire Pesci
Season Finale Scholarship: Sophia Kulish, Lacey Mollahan, Sophie Harp, Jackie Mackey
Tap University: Mackenzie Hayden, Alyssa Poppe

March 2019

24/7 Dance  - Detroit, Michigan

4th Teen Solo Overall
Marin Akkashian

Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up
Marin Akkashian & Olyvia Chandler

March 2019

Spotlight Dance Cup  - Detroit, Michigan

Triple Crown Award - Marin (Tap & Contemporary) and Madison (Musical Theater)
1st Overall Teen Duo/Trio - Bills, Bills, Bills

Overall Teen Solos
3rd - Madison Stabile (Costume Award)
4th - Marin Akkashian (Hoofing Award & Cut Above)

March 2019

Hollywood Vibe - Detroit, Michigan

Maddie Deck - 3rd Senior Solo overall, 1st Senior Open Solo,
Senior Team Hollywood Vibe

March 2019

Velocity - Cleveland, Ohio

Senior Solo - 1st in Open Ashlee Phillips
Junior Solo - 1st overall Mara Feier
Mini Solo - 2nd in Tap Kate Kulish, 3rd in Jazz Lacie Mollahan
Dancers in “The Show” - Ashlee Phillips, Chelsea Rosenberg, Ava DalPra, Alyssa Poppe

MVA 1st Runner Up
Senior - Ashlee Phillips 
MVA Runner up

Junior - Sophie Harp, Sophia Kulish, Mara Feier
Teen - Alyssa Poppe, Ava DalPra

Season Finale Scholarship - Delaney Bezenah
Tour Scholarship - Lacie Mollahan

Spark Solo Overalls
1st - Addison Herold

Mini Solo Overalls
1st - Lacie Mollahan
2nd - Darrius Bracey
5th - Anna Williams

Junior Solo Overalls
3rd - Chloe Orr
5th - Abby Watson

Teen Solo Overalls
1st - Kelly Quinn
4th- Julia Mackey

Teen Duo/Trio Overalls
2nd - Marin Akkashian, Madison Stabile
3rd - Nicole Spizzisan, Alyssa Poppe

Spark Small Group Overalls
1st B.I.N.G.O.
2nd Evil Like Me
3rd A Dream Is A Wish

Spark Large Group Overalls
3rd Whoomp There It Is

Mini Small Group Overalls
1st Wind Beneath My Wings
2nd Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Mini Large Group Overalls
1st Home
2nd Hand Jive

Junior Small Group Overalls
1st O Children
2nd Electric Avenue
3rd End of the World
4th Absolutely Final Goodbye

Junior Large Group Overalls
1st I Believe
2nd Lullaby
3rd Vegas
4th Crazy

Junior Line Overalls
1st Backing Down
2nd Jet Set
3rd Unspeakable Joy

Teen Small Group Overalls
1st You Say
2nd Shiver
4th Ashes

Teen Large Group Overalls
1st Fall In Line
3rd Glory
4th Change Is Gonna Come

Teen Line Overalls
1st Chorus Line
2nd The Bridge
3rd You Ready

Teen Production Overalls
1st Till It Happens To You
3rd Toy

12 & Under Genre Awards
Lyrical – Wind Beneath My Wings
Contemporary – O Children
Tap – Electic Avenue

13 & Over Genre Awards
Jazz – Fall In Line
Lyrical – Ashes

Rev Favorite
Til It Happens To You

City Crew: Saige Newcomb, Marin Akkashian, Jillian Puckett, Kendal Heldt, Mia Rubenstein, Ashlee Phillips, Kelly Quinn, Alyssa Poppe, Olyvia Chandler, Darius Bracey, Makayla Knight, Chloe Orr, Abby Watson, Sophia Kulish, Tessa Mattina, Marlee Karwoski, Scarlet Lavery

Honored Dancer Nominees: Mia Rubenstein, Kendall Heldt, Ashlee Phillips, Delaney Bezenah, Olyvia Chandler, Kelly Quinn, Alyssa Poppe, Jillian Puckett, Marin Akkashian, Mara Feier, Sophie Harp, Jackie Mackey, Mercedes Bracey, Sophia Kulish, Abby Watson, Chloe Orr, Marlee Karwoski, Makayla Knight, Anna Williams, Tessa Mattina, Darius Bracey, Lacie Mollahan, Scarlet Lavery

Single Convention Scholarship: Autumn Noe

April 2019

Jump - Detroit

JUMPstart Solo Overalls
5th Addison Herold

Mini Solo Overalls
10th Deakon Newcomb

Junior Solo Overalls
6th Chloe Orr
7th Fiona Gross
8th Abby Watson
9th Sophia Kulish

Teen Solo Overalls
3rd Kelly Quinn
5th Maddie Deck
6th Olyvia Chandler
9th Gretchen Sawicki

Senior Solo Overalls
8th Ashlee Phillips

VIP Winner Junior
Abby Watson

VIP Winner Teens
Marin Akkashian, Julia Mackey

VIP Runner-ups
Mini: Makayla Knight, Tessa Mattina, Deakon Newcomb
Junior: Mercedes Bracey, Fiona Gross, Sophia Kulish, Chloe Orr
Teen: Olyvia Chandler, Maddie Deck, Alyssa Poppe, Kelly Quinn, Gretchen Sawicki, Mya Waple
Senior: Ashlee Phillips, Chelsea Rosenberg

Rockstar Award & Tap Scholarship
Jackie Mackey

Class scholarship
Nicole Spizzisan

April 2019

Velocity - Chicago, Illinois

Junior Regional Scholarship - Lacie Mollahan
Junior MVA Runner-Up - Mercedes Bracey, Jackie Mackey

Teen Tap University - Alyssa Poppe
Teen MVA Runner-Up - Nicole Spizzisan
Teen MVA 1st Runner-Up - Ava Dal Pra

Senior Season Finale - Chelsea Rosenberg
Senior MVA Runner-Up - Ashlee Phillips, Delaney Bezenah

The Show
Delaney Bezenah, Ava Dal Pra, Nicole Spizizen, Marin Akkasian, Madison Stabile, Ashlee Phillips

Teen solo overall
7th - Marin Akkasian

Teen genre awards
1st - Alyssa Poppe
2nd - Ava DalPra
3rd - Kelly Quinn
Musical Theater
2nd - Madison Stable
1st- Marin Akkasian
1st - Jillian Puckett

Mini solo overall
2nd - Darius Bracey

Mini genre awards
Hip hop
1st - Darius Bracey

Senior solo overall
7th - Ashlee Phillips
10th - Delaney Bezenah

Senior genre awards
3rd - Delaney Bezenah
1st - Ashlee Phillips
2nd - Chelsea Rosenberg

Mini Debut Small Group Overalls
8th Call Me Maybe
7th It Takes Two
4th Pennies From Heaven

Mini Premier Small Group Overalls
4th Evil Like Me

Junior Premier Small Group Overalls
8th We’re Gonna Party
7th Dancing Fool
4th You are the Reason
1st Work It

Teen Premier Small Group Overalls
10th Bailar
5th Tricky

1st Senior Solo overall
Ari Beard

9th Teen Premier Solo overall
Mackenzie Gardner

3rd Junior Premier Solo overall
Atiana Giglio

1st Junior Elite Solo overall
Fiona Gross

1st Mini Elite Solo overall
Scarlett Lavery

2nd Mini Debut Solo overall
Addison Herold

Intense Dancer Scholarship
Fiona Gross, Allie Williams, Ari Beard, Annabella Prisciandaro and Jillian Puckett

Joffrey Scholarship
Fiona Gross

Intense Mini Award
Highest scoring mini out of ALL mini dances solo thru production
Scarlett Lavery

Costume Award
Annabella Prisciandaro

Wake Me Up Award
Addi Herold

Technical Excellence Awards
Scarlett Lavery & Fiona Gross

Who’s That Girl? Award
Evie Baker

WOW Award
Allie Williams

April 2019

Hall of Fame - Detroit, Michigan

Mara Feier
5th overall Teen Solo
Judges Choice for Intensity

May 2019

Starquest  - Detroit, Michigan

Top Select Senior Solo
Olyvia Chandler

Top Select Teen Solo
Gretchen Sawicki

Top Select Teen Duet/Trio

May 2019

Groove - Detroit, Michigan

3rd overall Junior solo
Deakon Newcomb

7th overall Teen solo
Saige Newcomb

Convention Scholarship
Deakon Newcomb & Saige Newcomb

Opening number invite
Saige Newcomb

May 2019

Radix  - Detroit, Michigan

Senior Solo Overall
3rd - Delaney Bezenah
7th - Ashlee Phillips

8th Overall Teen Solo
Julia Mackey

Performer Winner
Ashlee Phillips

Core Performer Runner Up
Delaney Bezenah
Julia Mackey
Mya Waple

May 2019

League of Champions  - Detroit, Michigan

Final Cut Scholarship and Judges Choice Intensity Award
Chelsea Rosenberg

May 2019

Hall of Fame - Detroit, Michigan

10th Senior Solo Overall
Kendall Heldt

Entertainment Award
Kendall Heldt

All Star
Kendall Heldt
Ava DalPra

8 & Under Novice Solo
1st Addison Herold

8 & Under Intermediate Solo
3rd Kate Levasseur

8 & Under Advanced Solo
1st Scarlett Lavery

Junior Advanced Solo
1st Fiona Gross
4th Allie Williams

Teen Intermediate Solo
9th Mackenzie Gardner

Teen Advanced Solo
5th Jillian Puckett

Senior Intermediate Solo
3rd Ari Beard

8 & Under Novice Small Group
7th Call Me Maybe
5th Pennies From Heaven
4th It Takes Two

8 & Under Intermediate Small Group
6th A Dream Is A Wish
5th Evil Like Me
3rd Bingo
1st Whoomp There It Is

Junior Intermediate Small Group
10th Dancing Fool
9th We're Gonna Party
7th Work

Teen Intermediate Small Group
9th Escapade
6th Bailar
3rd Tricky

Power Pak Personal Invite
Allie Williams, Fiona Gross, Mara Feier, Jillian Puckett

Power Pak Scholarship
Jillian Puckett

Highest Mini Score
Whoomp There It Is

Magic In The Making Award
A Dream Is A Wish

Golden Ticket Award
Whoomp There It Is

Clean and Controlled Award
Jillian Puckett

8 & Under Novice Solo
1st Addison Herold

Junior Intermediate Solo
6th Atiana Giglio

Junior Advanced Solo
9th Kate Kulish
8th Anna Williams
7th Marlee Karwoski
4th Allie Williams
3th Fiona Gross

Teen Intermediate Solo
8th Mackenzie Gardner

Teen Advanced Solo
9th Audrey Royer
5th Sophia Kulish

Senior Intermediate Solo
1st Ari Beard

8 & under Small Group
6th Pennies From Heaven & It Takes Two
4th Call Me Maybe

Teen Intermediate Small Group Overalls
10th You Are the Reason
9th Dancing Fool
7th Toxic
5th Work
4th Escapade
3rd We’re Gonna Party
2nd Tricky
1st Bailar

Cover model winner
Fiona Gross

Heart and Soul
Ari Beard

Entertainment award
It Takes Two

You owned the stage
Addison Herald

Judges Choice Electric Energy

WOW & Entertainment
We’re Gonna Party

Golden Ticket & Regional Intermediate Champion

Power Pak Scholarships
Fiona Gross, Allie Williams, Atiana Giglio, Sophia Kulish, Audrey Royer

Mini Solo Category
1st Lyrical - Scarlet Lavery

Junior Solo Category
1st Contemporary - Abby Watson
2nd Jazz - Lacey Mollahan

Teen Duo/Trio Category
1st Tap - Bills Bills Bills
2nd Open - Never Letting Go

Teen Solo Category
1st Contemporary - Mya Waple
1st Lyrical - Gretchen Sawicki
1st Tap - Kelly Quinn
2nd Tap - Marin Akkashian

Senior Solo Category
1st Contemporary - Mia Rubenstein
1st Lyrical - Ashlee Phillips

Mini Solo Overall
7th - Scarlet Lavery

Junior Solo Overall
2nd - Abby Watson
8th - Lacey Mollahan

Teen Solo Overall
1st - Kelly Quinn
3rd - Mya Waple
8th - Gretchen Sawicki

Senior Solo Overall
1st - Mia Rubenstein
6th - Ashlee Phillips

Mini Large Group Category
1st Lyrical - Home
1st Tap - Hand Jive

Junior Small Group Category
1st Tap - Electric Avenue
1st Musical Theater - Raise The Roof
2nd Jazz - Absolutely Final Goodbye
3rd Contemporary - O Children
3rd Lyrical - Wind Beneath My Wings

Junior Large Group Category
1st Lyrical - I Believe
1st Musical Theater - Vegas

Junior Line Category
1st Contemporary - Backing Down
2nd Jazz - Unspeakable Joy
2nd Musical Theater - Jet Set

Teen Small Group Category
1st in Tap - Shiver
1st in Lyrical - Ashes
2nd in Contemporary - You Say
3rd in Open - Night Calling

Teen Large Group Category
1st Jazz - Fall In Line

Teen Line Category
1st Musical Theater - A Chorus Line
1st Hip Hop - You Ready

Teen Production Category
1st Tap - Another One Bites The Dust
1st Open - Til It Happens To You
2nd Jazz - Toy

Mini Small Group Overall
7th - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Mini Large Group Overall
2nd - Hand Jive
3rd - Home

Junior Small Group Overall
5th - O Children
8th - Electric Avenue
10th - Absolutely Final Goodbye

Junior Large Group Overall
6th - Vegas
9th - I Believe

Junior Line Overall
1st - Backing Down
3rd - Jet Set
7th - Unspeakable Joy

Teen Small Group Overall
2nd - Shiver
3rd - You Say
6th - Ashes

Teen Large Group Overall
5th - Fall In Line

Teen Line Overall
6th - You Ready
7th - A Chorus Line

Teen Production Overall
2nd - Another One Bites the Dust
3rd - Til It Happens
4th - Toy

Mini MVP Gala
2nd - Hand Jive
Junior MVP Gala
4th - O Children
Teen MVP Gala
5th - Shiver

Regional Scholarship - Oliver Klink
Tour Scholarship - Jessica Covian
AMDA 40k Scholarship - Ashlee Phillips

MVA Mini Boy - Darrius Bracey
MVA Mini Girls Top 10 - Scarlett Lavery
MVA Junior Girls 1st Runner-up Overall - Abby Watson
MVA Teen Girl 2nd Runner-up Overall - Maddie Deck
MVA Teen Girls Top 10 - Julia Mackey
MVA Teen Girls Top 20 - Gretchen Sawicki
MVA(+) - Kelly Quinn
MVA Pro - Annelise Ritacca