2019-2020 Season

Students from Juliana’s Academy of Dance earn awards in team competition,  in solo/duet competition and in convention classes.  Here are the highlights from the 2019-2020 competition season.

2018-2019 Highlights Here

Velocity MVA Pro, MVA(+) & Mini Male MVA

These dancers were selected by Velocity to represent Juliana's Academy of Dance in the 2019-2020 Velocity Season!

Annelise Ritacca - MVA Pro

Kelly Quinn - MVA(+)

Darrius Bracey - Mini Male MVA

November 2019

Velocity - Buffalo, NY

Intermediate Overall
4th - Chloe Orr

Teen Overall
4th - Gretchen Sawicki
5th - Sophie Harp
6th - Marin Akkashian
7th - Saige Newcomb

Teen Duo/Trio
2nd - Saige, Marin, Sophie

Senior Overall
2nd - Maddie Deck
3rd - Ashlee Phillips
6th - Ava DalPra
7th - Chelsea Rosenberg

Regional Scholarship
Annabella Prisciandaro

Tour Scholarship
Madison Stabile, Saige Newcomb

Season Finale Scholarship
Abby Watson, Chelsea Rosenberg

MVA Junior Runner Up
Fiona Gross

MVA Teen Runner Up
Sophie Harp, Gretchen Sawicki, Marin Akkashian

MVA Senior Runner up
Ava DalPra

MVA Senior 1st Runner Up
Ashlee Phillips

Dancers in The Show
Sophie, Chelsea, Marin, Madison, Ava, Maddie, Gretchen, Ashlee

January 2020

NYCDA - Lansing, Michigan

Maddie Deck - 7th Overall Senior Solo, Outstanding Dancer Runner-Up & Summer Steps (NYC) Scholarship

ASH - Cleveland, Ohio

Marin Akkashian - ASH Apprentice Scholarship & AMDA Summer Conservatory Scholarship

January 2020

Adrenaline Awards

Spark Solo Overall
4th-Addison Herold

Sparks - Small Group
2nd Disco Inferno
3rd My Kind Of Wonderful
4th Cats

Mini Solo Overall
4th-Scarlett Lavery
7th-Tessa Mattina
9th-Lacie Mollahan

Mini Duo/Trio Overall
1st-Snap Clap

Mini - Small Group
2nd I Look To You
3rd Shake The Room

Mini - Large Group
1st Lovin Is Really My Game
2nd Playground
3rd A Million Reasons
4th Zero to Here
5th Mambo #5

Junior Solo Overall
3rd-Fiona Gross
5th-Chloe Orr
10th-Allie Williams

Junior - Small Group
4th Dig In
‪8th Wo Yao‬ Ni De Ai
9th Steam Heat
10th Don't Stop

Junior - Large Group
1st Luck Be A Lady
2nd Didn't Know My Own Strength
3rd America

12 & under special awards
Entertainment - Playground
Jazz Genre - Lovin Is Really My Game

Teen Solo Overall
3rd-Gretchen Sawicki
4th-Marin Akkasian
10th-Saige Newcomb

Teen Duo/Trio Overall
2nd-Marin Akkasian, Sophie Harp & Saige Newcomb
5th-Marin Akkashian/Madison Stabile
8th-Alyssa Poppe/Nicole Spizizen

Teen - Small Group
1st Are You That Somebody
4th Willow Garden

Teen - Large Group
3rd The Crawling
4th Walk Away
5th Falling Leaves

Teen - Line
1st Sparkling Diamonds

Teen - Production
1st Where Have You Been
3rd Say My Name
4th Madness

Senior Solo Overall
3th-Olivia Chandler
4th-Julia Mackey
5th-Mia Rubenstein
6th-Kelly Quinn
7th-Ashlee Philips
9th-Maddie Deck

Senior - Small Group
1st Chrysalis
3rd Malamente
4th The Reason

Senior - Large Group
1st Sound of Silence

13 & over Special Awards
Technique - Malamente
Jazz Genre - Where Have You Been
Best of Show - Where Have You Been

Single Scholarship: Sophia Kulish, Jillian Puckett, Addison Herold, Kate Lavasure, Tessa Mattina, Torah Hughs
Mini Honored Dancer Nominees: Darius Bracey, Lacie Mollohan, Oliver Klink, Scarlet Lavery
Junior Honored Dancer Nominees: Fiona Gross, Chloe Orr, Makayla Knight
Teen Honored Dancer Nominees: Abby Watson, Gretchen Sawicki, Marin Akkashian, Sophie Harp
Senior Honored Dancer Nominees: Ashlee Phillips, Julia Mackey, Kelly Quinn, Mia Rubenstein, Olivia Chandler
Senior Elite Honored Dancer: Maddie Deck

February 2020

Hollywood Vibe - Detroit, Michigan

Maddie Deck - 2nd Senior Solo overall, 1st Senior Open Solo,
Team Hollywood Vibe

Arden Blatz - 1st Senior Tap Solo

Tessa Matina - 3rd Junior Solo overall, 1st Junior Lyrical Solo,
Team Hollywood Vibe

February 2020

Velocity - Baltimore, MD

Lacie Mollahan - 1st Overall Junior Solo  & Tour Scholarship

Chloe Orr  - MVA Runner up

February 2020

Velocity - Myrtle Beach

Mercedes Bracy - MVA Runner up

Darius Bracy  - Reigning MVA Mini Male

February 2020

Velocity - Lansing, MI

Anna Williams - 1st Junior Musical Theater Solo & MVA Runner Up
Chloe Orr - 5th Intermediate overall Solo & 2nd Intermediate Lyrical Solo
Mara Feier - 8th Teen overall Solo & MVA Runner Up
Jillian Pucket - 1st Teen Open Solo & MVA Runner Up
Lacie Mollohan - MVA Runner Up
Abby Watson - MVA Runner Up
Annabella Prisciandaro - MVA Runner Up
Delaney Bezenah - MVA Runner Up
Alyssa Poppe - Tap University Scholarship
The Show: Maddie Deck, Delaney Bezenah, Chelsea Rosenberg, Mercedes Bracey, Mara Feier, Abby Watson, Chloe Orr & Annabella Prisciandaro

Mini Solo Overall
3rd- Addison Herold

Mini Small Group Overall
2nd- Brand New Day

Junior Solo Overall
3rd- Scarlett Lavery
4th- Tessa Mattina
7th- Eleanor Nadeau
8th- Oliver Klink

Junior Duo/Trio Overall
1st- Clap Snap

Junior Small Group Overall
1st- Shake The Room
2nd- I Look To You

Junior Large Group Overall
1st- Lovin Is Really My Game
2nd- A Million Dreams
3rd- Playground
4th- Mambo #5
6th- Zero To Hero

Junior MVP: Lovin Is Really My Game

Intermediate Solo Overall
6th- Fiona Gross

Intermediate Small Group Overall
1st Don’t Stop
2nd Steam Heat
4th Dig In
6th Dem Girls
7th Wo Yao Ni De Ai

Intermediate Large Group Overall
1st- America
2nd- Luck Be A Lady
3rd- Didn’t Know My Own Strength

Intermediate MVP: America

Teen Solo Overall
2nd- Marin Akkashian
3rd- Abby Watson
7th- Saige Newcomb
8th- Annabella Prisciandaro

Teen Duo/Trio Overall
2nd- I See Fire
3rd- El Torro

Teen Small Group Overall
2nd Are You That Somebody
3rd Willow Garden
7th Try a Little Tenderness

Teen Large Group Overall
3rd Walk Away
7th Falling Leaves
9th The Crawling

Teen Line Overall
2nd Sparkling Diamonds

Teen Production Overall
1st Madness
2nd Where Have You Been
3rd I Like it Like That
5th Say My Name

Senior Solo Overall
4th Mia Rubenstein
5th Julia Mackey
7th Ashlee Phillips

Senior Small Group Overall
1st Malamente
3rd The Reason

Senior Large Group Overall
2nd Sound of Silence

Senior MVP: Malamemte

The Show: Marin, Madison, Mercedes, Gretchen, Mia, Maddie, Ashlee, Ava
National Tour Scholarships: Makayla Knight, Oliver Klink, Elanor Nadeu, Annabella Prisciandaro
Tap University Scholarships: Lacie Mallohan, Marlee Karwoski, Abby Watson, Arden Blatz
Idyllwild Arts Academy Scholarship: Jackie Mackey
National Finals Scholarship: Kennedy Krueger
MVA Runner-Up: Kate Laveasuer, Addison Herold, Chloe Orr, Fiona Gross, Scarlet Lavery, Tessa Mattina, Gretchen Sawicki, Mara Feier, Mercedes Bracey, Jillian Puckett, Sophie Harp, Alyssa Poppe, Kendall Heldt, Ava Dal Pra, Mia Rubenstein
Senior MVA Winner: Ashlee Phillips