2017-2018 Season

Students from Juliana’s Academy of Dance earn awards in team competition as well as in solo/duet competition.  Here are a few highlights from the 2017-2018 competition season.

Marin Akkashian - ASH Assistant 2017-2018 Season
Darius Bracey - Hollywood Vibe 2017 Mini Male Dancer of the Year

October 2017

Pace University - New York, NY
Maddie Deck - Dance Intensive Scholarship

November 2017

Adrenaline - Nashville, TN
Kelly Quinn - 2nd Overall Teen Soloist
Maddie Deck - Convention Scholarship
Ashlee Phillips - Performance Dance Crew

Cincinnati Ballet's Nutcracker at the Detroit Opera House
Tessa Mattina - Baby Mouse
Sophie Harp - Party Kid/Delivery Boy

December 2017

Revive - St. Louis, MS
Chloe Orr - Performance Dance Crew
Abby Watson - Dance Crew Scholarship

January 2018

Nuvo Awards

Highest Score By Division - Mini/Junior
Musical Theater-All That Jazz

Mini Groups
1st overall - Lament
1st overall Line-All That Jazz
3rd overall  Line-Tartentella
Best Nu Group Mini-All That Jazz

Mini Solos
2nd overall - Fiona Gross

Junior Groups
3rd overall Line and DJ’s Pick-New York, New York
Best Nu Group- New York, New York

Junior Solos
5th overall - Marin Akkashian
7th overall - Abby Watson


Teen Groups
2nd Overall Group-Together
1st Overall Teen Extended Line and DJ’s Pick-This Night
Best Nu Group Teen-This Night

Teen Solos
4th overall - Kelly Quinn
8th overall - Julia Mackey, Olivia Chandler
9th overall - Ashlee Phillips, Delaney Bezenah
10th overall - Gretchen Sawicki

Highest Score By Division - Teen/Senior

Senior Groups
Best Nu Group - Summertime

Senior Solos
7th overall - Claire Pesci, Gabby Burke
8th overall - Hadley Koger
9th overall - Kevin Wang

Juliana’s Academy of Dance named the most Well Rounded studio at Nuvo having excelled in all disciplines of dance, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Lyrical.

Breakout Artist Winners
Maddie Deck, Hadley Koger, Mark Auger

Breakout Artist Runner-ups
Fiona Gross, Chloe Orr, Allie Williams, Deakin Neucomb, Mercedes Bracey, Mara Fier, Saige Newcomb, Annabella Prisciandaro, Jillian Puckett, Abby Watson, Ashlee Phillips, Kelly Quinn, Mia Rubenstein, Gretchen Sawicki, Zoe Seiferheld, Nicole Spizizen, Gabby Burke, Megan Ulatowski, Kevin Wang

Nuvo class stand out scholarship
Tap: Meredith Coatta
Jazz: Jordan Bloom, Olyvia Chandler, Jessica Covian, Bella Lavorata, Marissa Orzame, Clair Pesci
Hip Hop: Marin Akkashian, Sophie Harp, Mya Waple
Ballroom: Alyssa Poppe

January 2018

Adrenaline Awards

Mini/Jr Ultimate Platinum & Faculty Favorites
All That Jazz
New York New York

Mini Groups
Small Group 1st Overall- Cha Cha Heels
Small Group 2nd Overall- Lament
Large Group 1st Overall- All That Jazz
Large Group 5th Overall- Tarantella

Spark Solos
2nd overall Eleanor Nadeau
1st overall Darrius Bracey

Mini Solos
5th overall Fiona Gross
1st overall Chloe Orr

Junior Groups
Small Group 1st Overall - Time
Small Group 2nd Overall - Leelanau
Small Group 4th Overall - Uptight
Large Group 1st Overall - New York New York
Large Group 2nd Overall - Dreamland
Line 1st Overall - Peanut Butter Jelly
Line 3rd Overall - Fashionista

Junior Solos
3rd overall Saige Newcomb
2nd overall Marin Akkashian

Teen Groups
Small Group 2nd Overall - Together
Small Group 3rd Overall - Our Corner Of The Universe
Large Group 1st Overall - Change the world
Large Group 2nd Overall - This Night
Large Group 5th Overall – Closure
Line 1st Overall-Adagio
Line 2nd Overall- Mein Herr
Production 2nd Overall- Pray
Production 4th Overall- Let It Rain

Teen Solos
3rd overall Julia Mackey
2nd overall Olyvia Chandler
1st Overall Ashlee Phillips

Teen Technique Award

Teen Ultimate Platinum & Faculty Favorite

Senior Faculty Favorite Finalist
The One I Loved

Senior Groups
Small Group 4th Overall - The One I Loved
Small Group 5th Overall - Summertime
Large Group 3rd Overall-Came Here For Love

Senior Solos
5th overall Gabby Burke
4th overall Hadley Koger

Performance Crew
Mini: Darius Bracey, Ali Williams, Fiona Gross, Chloe Orr, Marlee Karwoski
Junior: Sophie Harp, Saige Newcomb, Jordan Bloom, Marin Akkashian, Jackie Mackey
Teen: Mia Rubenstein, Kelly Quinn, Maddie Deck, Ashlee Phillips, Julia Mackey
Senior: Hadley Koger, Gabby Burke, Kevin Wang

20,000 dollar AMDA Scholarship and Wayne State University scholarship: Mark Auger

Single Convention: Claire Pesci, Deakon Newcomb, Megan Ulatowski, Zoe Seiferheld
Ballet Scholarship: Jocelyn Podolski
Musical Theater Scholarship: Jillian Puckett, Mark Auger
Contemporary Scholarship: Abby Watson, Gretchen Sawicki, Olivia Chandler

February 2018

Velocity Awards

High-scoring Junior number of entire competition: All That Jazz
Large group overalls: 7. Tarantella, 5. NY NY, 4. Fashionista, 3. Dreamland, 1. All that jazz
Small group overalls: 6. Leelanau, 5. Time, 4. Uptight, 2. Cha cha heels, 1. Lament
Line overalls: 1. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Contemporary large group: 1st: Dreamland
Jazz large group: 1st: Fashionista
Musical theater large group: 2nd: NY NY, 1st: All That Jazz
Ballet large group: 1st: Tarantella
Open small group: 1st: Leelanau
Tap small group: 1st: Uptight
Jazz small group: 1st: Cha Cha Heels
Contemporary small group: 2nd: Time, 1st: Lament

Junior Duet
2nd overall: Marin Akkasian/Madison Stabile

Junior Solos
Tap: 2nd: Marlee Karwoski
Lyrical: Saige Newcomb
Contemporary: Sophie Harp
6th overall Sophie Harp
2nd overall Saige Newcomb

Highest scoring number of entire Competition: PRAY
Teen large group overalls: 8. Mein Heir, 7. Change The World, 6. This Night, 3. Adagio, 2. Closure
Teen production overalls: 3. Let It Rain, 1. Pray
Teen small groups overalls: 8. Boots, 4. Our Corner of the Universe, 3. Together


Contemporary small group: 2nd Our Corner Of The Universe
Jazz small group: 1st boots
Tap small group: 1st Together
Contemporary large group: 3rd change the world
Jazz Group: 3rd love on me
Lyrical Group: 2nd Adagio, 1st Closure
Open Group: 3rd different fighter, 1st this night
Musical theater group: 1st Mein Herr
Jazz production: 1st let it rain
Open Line: 1st Pray

Teen Solo
Jazz: 2nd Maddie deck
Lyrical: 1st Ashlee Philips
Tap: 3rd Kelly Quinn
10th overall Julia Mackey
8th overall Olyvia Chandler
2nd overall Ashlee Phillips

Large group overall: 2nd overall Came Here For Love
Small group overalls: 8. Girls, 7. Summertime, 5. The one I loved, 3. Misplaced
Choreography Award: The One I Loved (Mr Mike)

Contemporary small group: 2nd Misplaced
Jazz small group: 2nd Summertime
Lyrical small group: 1st The One I Loved
Open small group: 1st girls
Jazz Large Group: 2nd Came Here For Love



Senior Solo
Lyrical: 2nd Megan Ulatowski, 1st Hadley Koger
9th overall Gabby Burke
5th overall Hadley Koger

MVA Winners: Maddie Deck (Teen), Hadley Koger (Senior), Darrius Bracey (Mini)
MVA 1st Runner up: Julia Mackey (Teen), Kevin Wang (Senior)
MVA Runner-ups: Mercedes Bracey, Sophie Harp, Abby Watson, Fiona Gross, Mackenzie Hayden, Ashlee Phillips, Mia Rubenstein , Gretchen Sawicki, Olyvia Chandler, Alyssa Poppe, Mya Waple, Mark Auger, Gabby Burke, Megan Ulatowski
Tour Scholarship: Delaney Bezenah, Claire Pesci, Tessa Martina
National Scholarship: Jillian Puckett, Mara Feier, Ava Grongstad, Allie Williams, Bella Lavorata
Tap University: Marin Akkashian
Edge Performing Arts Scholarship in Los Angeles California: Marissa Orzame

February 2018

Marin Akkashian - 1st Overall Dance Makers Inc  & Accepted into the American Tap Company and has the opportunity to compete with the USA team at the World Tap Dance Championships in Germany this fall.

Sari Harold - First Overall and Title ShowBiz Talent

Hollywood Vibe
Ashlee Phillips
(Senior) 1st in lyrical & 5th overall
Maddie Deck (Teen) 1st in jazz & 1st overall

League of Champions
Mara Feier
- 1st overall & Technique award
Chelsea Rosenberg - Final Cut Award and Expressive Eyes special award

March 2018

Rainbow Awards

Starz of Tomorrow - 8-under Overall
2nd- Happy
1st- Let’s Get Loud
Most Entertaining- Ice Ice Baby
Smiles For Miles Award- Let’s Get Loud

Rising Starz - 12-14 Overall
7th- What About Us
3rd- Perm
Passion Award- What About Us
NYC All Star Award- Queen Bee
Hollywood All Star Award- Perm
Grace Award- Triadica
NYC All Star Award- Triadica
Inspired Award- I’m Alive
NYC All Star Award- I’m Alive
Sportsmanship Award- Juliana’s

9-11 Overall
10th- Sophia Kulish
7th - Sophie Harp
5th- Allie Williams
4th- Abby Watson
3rd- Jackie Mackey
2nd- Chloe Orr
NYC All Star- Annabella Prisciandario

8-under Overall
3rd- Eleanor Nadeau
1st- Kate Kulish (Rising Star)
NYC All Star Award- Mackenzie Gardner

8-under Overall
1st- Marin McKendrick

15-19 Overall
19th- Kendall Heldt
12th- Delaney Bezenah (NYC All Star & Hollywood All Star)

12-14 Overall
12th- Rylie Foster (KAR Scholarship)

12-14 Overall
1st- Alexandra Miller (Starz of Tomorrow)
4th - Sari Herold (Rising Star)
NYC All Star- Alexandra Miller
NYC All Star & Hollywood All Star - Sari Herold

March 2018

Hall of Fame
Mara Feier
 - 1st overall & Hall of Fame Inductee
Marin Akkashian - 1st overall teen solo, technique award, Hall of Fame Inductee

Velocity - Cleveland, OH
Tessa Mattina - Mini MVA runner up

24 Seven - Dearborn, MI
Marin & Madison - 1st Duo/Trio

Velocity - Cleveland, OH
Tessa Mattina - Mini MVA runner up

March 2018

YAGP Awards

Chloe, Abby and Mara placed in the top 12
Group number Lament was 3rd overall and advanced to NYC finals 4/13-4/20

March 2018

Revive Awards

Congratulations to all of our JAOD scholarship winners and Fan Favorite winning (by audience vote) dance “League Of Their Own”!! We are so proud of all our dancers and thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

Spark Small Groups
3rd overall Wind Up
1st overall Hear It For The Boy

Spark Large Groups
3rd overall Freak Out
2nd overall Out Of This World
1st overall Can’t Turn Me Loose

Mini Small Groups
4th Overall Hit The Road Jack

Mini Large Groups
1st Overall Feel It Still

Mini Lines
1st When The Time Comes

Junior Duo/Trio
2nd Overall The Dance

Junior Small Groups
4th Overall Circus

Junior Large Group
1st Overall Can’t Hold Us

Junior Line
1st Overall Mad-hatter

Teen Production
2nd overall Yeah
1st overall League Of Their Own

12 and under Entertainment Award
Can’t Turn Me Loose

13 and over Special Awards
Top in Hip Hop, League Of Their Own

Fan Favorite Finalist
League Of Their Own

Faculty Favorite Sparks
Hear It For The Boy

Faculty Favorite Mini
When The Time Comes

Faculty Favorite Junior Finalist
Can’t Hold Us

Faculty Favorite Teen Finalist
League Of Their Own

Mini performance crew: Fiona Gross, Chloe Heldt
Junior performance crew: Sophie Harp, Saige Newcomb
Teen/Senior performance: Mia Rubenstein, Maddie Deck, Kendall Heldt, Kevin Wang
Single Convention Scholarship: Scarlet Alavert, Avella So, Marin Mckendrick, Darius Bracey, Madison Stabile
Dance Crew Scholarships: Ali Williams, Meredith Coatta, Abby Watson, Jackie Mackey, Mara Feier, Marin Akkashian, Jillian Puckett, Gretchen Sawicki, Julia Mackey, Olivia Chandler, Ashlee Phillips, Hadley Koger, Mark Auger

April 2018

Jump Tour
Fiona Gross - 6th overall & Mini VIP winner

Revive - Chicago, IL
Sophia Kulish - Dance Crew

Headliners - Troy, MI
Madison Stabile - 6th overall teen solo
Annabella Prisciandaro - 4th overall junior solo
Marin Akkashian - 2nd overall junior solo & judge’s award for “captivating performance”
Marin and Madison - 1st overall duet & judge’s award for “tap technique and performance”

Energy Dance Comp - Chicago, IL
Kelly Quinn  - 2nd overall Teen soloist, Standout Musicality & Judges pick for Outstanding Performance

April 2018

YAGP New York City Finals

Group number, Lament, advanced to finals and had a fantastic trip representing Juliana's with Mr. Kevin!

Senior Solo - Supreme Level
Gabby Burke - 3rd overall
Delaney Bezenah - 7th overall
Chelsea Rosenberg - costume winner

Teen Solo - Supreme Level
Julia Mackey - 1st overall, 1st runner-up Miss teen tribute
Jillian Puckett - 6th overall supreme level teen solo
Alyssa Poppe - 2nd runner-up Miss teen tribute

Junior Solo - Supreme Level
Mara Feier - 1st overall
Abby Watson - 2nd overall & 2nd runner-up Miss junior tribute
Annabella Prisciandario - 3rd overall, 2nd runner-up costume
Sophie Harp - 4th overall
Chloe Orr - 6th overall
Fiona Gross - 7th overall, Costume award winner & Junior Miss Tribute
Marlee Karwoski - 8th overall & 1st runner-up Junior Miss Tribute
Sophia Kulish - 9th overall
Jackie Mackey - 10th overall

Petite Solo - Supreme Level
Marin McKendrick- 1st overall, Costume winner & Petite Miss Tribute

Senior Solo - Honor Level
Ari Beard - 1st overall, 2nd runner-up costume award, 1st runner-up Miss tribute

Teen Solo - Honor Level
Alexandra Miller - 2nd overall
Sari Herold - 4th overall, 2nd runner-up costume award

Junior Solo - Honor Level
Atiana Gaglio - 7th overall honor & 2nd runner-up costume award
Mackenzie Gardner - 8th overall

Petite Solo - Honor Level
Kate Kulish- 4th overall & Petite Miss tribute

Ice Ice Baby - 2nd overall
Let’s Get Loud- 3rd overall
Happy- 5th overall

Select Pre Teens
Queen Bee- 8th overall

Select Teens
Perm- 7th overall
What About Us- 10th overall

Teen Duo
10th overall - Aha

Future Champion Solos
5th overall Lacie Mollahan
7th overall Darrius Bracey
8th overall Eleanor Nadeau

Future Champion Large Group
8th overall Freak Out

Mini Small Group
3rd overall Hear it for The Boy

Junior Solos
4th overall Abby Watson
7th overall Mara Feier
8th overall Chloe Orr
10th overall Fiona Gross
Technique Award: Abby Watson
Highest Scoring Jazz Solo: Abby Watson

Junior Rising Champions Small Group
4th overall I’m Alive

Junior League of Champions Small Group
4th overall Lament
5th overall Time

Junior League of Champions Large Group
8th overall All That Jazz

Junior League of Champions Line
1st overall Fashionista

Junior Critics Choice

Teen Solos
4th overall Olivia Chandler
6th overall Julia Mackey
Technique award: Olivia Chandler
Highest Scoring Jazz: Maddie Deck
Highest Scoring Musical Theater: Maddie Deck
Highest Scoring Lyrical: Zoe Seiferheld

Teen League of Champions Small Group
2nd overall Our Corner of the Universe
4th overall Together
5th overall Leelanau
7th overall Boots

Teen Rising Champions Large Group
2nd Overall What About Us
5th Overall Instruction

Teen League of Champions Large Group
2nd overall Change The World
5th overall Dreamland
6th overall Different Kind Of Fighter / Love On Me

Teen League of Champions Line
2nd overall Peanut Butter Jelly

Choreography award: Our Corner Of The Universe

Teen Critics Choice
Change The World

Senior Solos
5th Overall Hadley Koger
8th overall Mia Rubenstein
10th overall Ashlee Phillips
Technique Award: Ashlee Phillips

Senior League of Champions Small Group
7th overall Summertime
8th overall The One I Love

Senior League of Champions Large Group
5th overall Closure
7th overall This Night
9th overall Adagio

Senior League of Champions Line
2nd overall Pray

Technique award: Pray

Senior Critics Choice

Grand Champion Spark
Freak Out
Mini 1st Runner-Up
All That Jazz
Teen 2nd Runner-Up
Change The World
Wild Card 1st Runner-Up

Top 20 Mini Honored Dancer
Chloe Orr
Ali Williams
Top 10 Teen Honored Dancer
Ashlee Phillips
Top 20 Senior Honored Dancer
Hadley Koger
Senior Honored Male Dancer 2ndrunner up
Kevin Wang

Genre Award
Musical Theater - New York New York
Highest scoring Jazz - Cha Cha Heels

Honored Performance Finalist Nominees
Spark - Freak Out
Mini - All That Jazz
Junior – Time
Teen - Change The World
Senior - Summertime
Wildcard - Pray

Senior Large Group Overall
5th - Came Here For Love

Teen Large Group Overall
3rd - Change The World

Teen Line/Production Overall
5th - Pray
8th - Adagio
9th - Mein Heir

Junior Overall
6th - Time
9th - Circus
10th - Leelanau

Junior Large Group Overall
9th - New York New York

Junior Line Overall
5th - Peanut Butter Jelly
6th - Mad Hatter

Mini Overall
10th - Lament
9th - Cha Cha Heels

Mini Large Group Overall
1st - All That Jazz
9th -Tarentella
10th - Feel It Still

Mini Line Overall
2nd - Fashionista
7th - When The Time Comes

Spark Overall
1st - Let’s Here It For The Boy

Spark Large Groups Overall
1st - Freak Out
3rd - Can’t Turn Me Loose
5th - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
6th - Out Of This World

Single Convention Scholarship
Alyssa Poppe
Avella So
Deakon Newcomb
Makenzie Hayden
Mya Waple
Phoebe Hulen

Musical Theatre Honor
Ashlee Phillips
Mark Auger

Tap Honor
Fiona Gross

Jazz Honor
Lacey Mollohan
Marin Akkashian

Full Scholarship to any summer intensive
Jessica Covian

July 2018

Velocity The MVA(+) Program 2018-2019 Season
Maddie Deck
Hadley Koger

$20,000 AMDA Scholarship Winner
Ashlee Phillips

MVA Senior Solo Top 20
Hadley Koger

Senior Solo Overalls
6th - Hadley Koger