Dance competitions by nature turn performing into a sport and instructors into choreographers that coach. Instructors will make decisions which will affect the overall training of students and will make the difference between “performing well” and “winning”. The process of rehearsing for competition can be the most valuable part of the process to some students and intimidating to others. Competition is not for the “faint of heart” and needs to be understood by all team members. All students must work to their fullest potential. Undedicated students are a detriment to the success of any group. Participation in all competitions and performance events is required. Ample time will be given to plan events into schedules. Extenuating circumstances will be taken in consideration on an individual basis.

 Juliana’s Competition Team will be known as a “Team” which provides additional training and a more aggressive rehearsal atmosphere. All Team members must be enrolled in our company technique classes in order to participate. Students much maintain excellent attendance in technique classes that are assigned.

  • More that 6 unexcused absences in a class could result in being removed from a routine or Team
  • Students in a particular technique class may not be included in all of the competition routines in that age group
  • Teams will focus on quality rather than quantity of routines
  • School activities will be excused, if teachers are informed prior to class along with an absentee slip from the office
  • If child is ill and unable to dance contact the office, otherwise it will be considered unexcused

Open auditions occur in May & final placement in August at FUSION Dance Camp; at this time students are assigned specific performance group routines. This process is done on a yearly basis. FUSION attendance is required for all competition students.

Please call the office and let us know about any absence, otherwise, it will be counted as unexcused. If you know in advance you are going to be absent please complete and return an absentee form from the office. Please inform your teacher of your absence/s as soon as possible. All absences must be signed and approved by Miss Julie and Mr. Mike.

Lost Items
The Studio is NOT responsible for lost items left unattended at the studio. Please leave expensive items at home or place them in your zipped dance bags if you find it necessary to bring to the studio.

General Rules

  • Please do not have discussion about other children at the studio. Many problems can be avoided if we respect each other equally and leave opinions about other students to ourselves. No matter what, we should support every student equally.
  • Your children are left in very responsible and loving hands when at the studio. All teachers and staff at Juliana’s would never want to see any physical or emotional harm to any child. We ask if you live a short distance away to please drop your child off and let us help in nurturing your child to be the best dancer and person they can be.
  • Please DO NOT talk to teachers in-between classes. Please make an appointment with the office if you wish to speak with a teacher.
  • Please do not enter a classroom or open a door unless the teacher asks you to. It is very distracting to the students and the teacher when people walk into a classroom. Just because a door is open, does not mean to walk through it.
  • Please arrive (2) hours prior to scheduled competition time ready to perform including hair, make-up, costumes, shoes, etc.
  • Competition is a very stressful and busy time for the staff and teachers. Please do not approach teachers at competition to discuss things about the studio or your child (unless it is an emergency), please make an appointment with the office.
  • Competition Teams are a commitment from September through June, please adhere to your commitment.
  • Scheduled absences are NOT allowed (2) weeks prior to any competition.
  • Classes outside of JAOD will not be allowed.
  • All absences and drastic changes in appearance must be signed and approved by Miss Julie & Mr. Mike (ex. nose ring, hair color/cut)
  • Please maintain personal hygiene – body hair, body odor, wear tights when needed and make sure all dance wear is clean and fresh.
  • All injuries must be supported with a doctor’s note
  • Costumes must be available for rent/use should a dancer become injured/sick
  • Ballet must be made up PRIOR to all excused absences: Tuesday 4:30-6:30