Preschool and 5-8 Year Old Classes

Combo Classes at Juliana’s allow new, young dancers to learn two different styles in one hour long class. Combos include Tap/Ballet or Tap/Jazz. In these classes students learn basic steps, listening, keeping time and rhythm with the music. This includes basic beginning ballet positions and stretching, tapping using alternating feet and a focus on balance and coordination in all genres.

After taking one year of classes, students can move on to “Experienced” combo classes where the same principle are built upon to progress skills further. Experienced classes are include more advanced steps with technical terminology while perfecting basic skills. More stretching, jumps and simple combinations are taught to prepare for the annual recital. Whether a returning student or a first time student, JAOD students are taught to follow instructions while having fun.

5-8 Year Olds
JAOD 5-8 year old students have the opportunity to move beyond combo classes and choose a class, or classes, in a style of their choice. Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Ballet classes are offered to prepare for annual recital performances.