Boys Dance Too!

Juliana’s Academy of Dance offers a powerful, well-rounded curriculum of dance training to boys. Hip Hop Crews, Competitive teams as well as recreational classes are offered to anyone who is interested. The JAOD dance programs offer classes structured to develop strength, flexibility and coordination along with the discipline, focus and drive found in professional athletes and dancers.

For our younger boys, taking a dance class is not only an education of dance technique, JAOD allows our young ones to be more playful and move with freedom. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask them to twirl around like “Cinderella” or tip-toe through the daisies. Both boys and girls will love a creative and conceptual approach to dance in which all of the movement spectrum is explored – fast/slow, sharp/smooth, high (on the toes)/low (on the floor), etc.

Several classes are offered that are geared specifically to boys hip hop with stunts and tumbling. While co-ed classes are offered in all styles of dance. In mixed-gender classes our teachers, both male and female, have experience instructing and choreographing for young men.

While dance may not be a sport, it certainly requires a great deal of athleticism and teamwork.

If you have a son (or daughter) interested in dancing and have questions – contact us to set up a meeting!