Ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms. It is the most demanding, most disciplined of all dance forms; but also the most rewarding. With a solid ballet foundation, classically trained dancers can transfer their skills into jazz, modern dance, or any other dance form they might decide to pursue. Accomplishing that solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any dance form.

Juliana’s Academy of Dance emphasizes the correct and safe approach to technique, ensuring that young bodies are physically ready to perform ballet moves of increasing difficulty. JAOD develops the flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle memory, discipline, and attention to detail that are essential to each dancer’s growth.

As the foundation of the JAOD dance program, students will also develop creative thinking skills and the ability to push themselves to higher achievements. They learn an immense amount about music and rhythm and are introduced to the French language. These skills will enhance your child’s academic performance, as well as their physical well-being. Self-confidence and self-esteem continue to develop as each dancer conquers new movements learning to apply themselves, work hard, and master any task put before them.

JAOD also offers ballet classes in the Cecchetti Method. Cecchetti training is a rigorous method which pays careful attention to the laws of anatomy. It develops all of the qualities essential to the dancer: balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, “balloon”, etc. It is a classic in its purity and clear-cut style. The Cecchetti Council of America holds examinations in classical ballet for students and teachers who are training in the Cecchetti method. The Syllabus tests the technical and artistic accomplishments of student candidates who have been prepared by member teachers. It offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their technical ability and understanding of the material. Each level provides attainable goals that build self-confidence in their developmental progress and successful achievements.

What Should You Wear to a Ballet Class?
GIRLS: One Piece Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers – split sole, HAIR IN BUN
BOYS: Black Tights, Plain White Shirt, Dance belt, Black Ballet Slippers – split sole
ALL: Deodorant